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Look back at 1995

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TROTBritain British Trotting Annual 1995

TROTBritain Le TROT Aged Horse Series 2017

The conditions for the Le Trot races for Aged horses will be much the same as at the end of 2016. However, after looking at the distribution of monies won among the horses likely to race in 2017 - and the fact that we do not have many new ones - we w...

TROTBritain Le TROT 3yo Championship 2017 – a £120,000 Series

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Ready, Aim, …. We are now just a month away from the first possible heats – at York and Amman Valley on Bank Holiday Monday 1 May, IF there are a minimum of six entries. Tir Prince offers the next opportunity at their opening meeting on...

Formal disclaimer

Buyers have commissioned TROTBritain to select a number of horses from a list inscribed with Le Trot. The selected horses are to be allocated by lot.  The overall price of the horse includes any VAT due, as well as its bulk transport to a numbe...

Selection finalised!

We found 23 good 3yos (14 fillies, 8 geldings and 1 colt) and 3 older horses.Many thanks to team and Emmanuelle and Marie-Anh!The draw will be conducted by Darren Owen at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd in same location as before, with live streaming. Horses w...